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Advantages of IP Camera over analog

IP cameras have several advantages over analog cameras:

  1. Remote Access and Easy Integration: One of the most significant benefits of IP cameras over analog cameras is the ability to view footage from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. They also easily integrate with smartphones.

  2. High Resolution: IP cameras support high-definition (HD) images, which means they capture better quality images at higher resolution and have a much wider field of view than analog cameras.

  3. Intelligent Analytics: IP cameras are programmable, and you can use them to detect smoke, track certain colors, count people, detect motion, and set off alarms.

  4. Local Video Storage and Cloud Storage: With IP cameras, images are received and stored on a network video recorder or in the cloud. Some IP cameras can operate without an NVR, meaning they can record directly to a remote or local storage media.

  5. Easy Installation: IP cameras are easy to install – there’s no need for encoders/decoders, and you only require one wire for both power and data connecting to a network switch.

  6. Better Security: They offer better security since the video is encrypted before transmission.

In contrast, analog cameras capture images, record and send them as analog signals over a coaxial cable to a digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR then converts the analog signals to digital signals, compressing the file and storing it on a hard drive.

With the prices on IP cameras dropping, analog cameras appear to be phasing out. If a cloud-based video surveillance solution is of interest, then IP cameras are the better option.

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